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Swaziland Excursion – 5 Star Tour

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Day 1: Lunch and Dinner -Own Cost! Pick up at the Airport and transfer to the Hotel. Swazilands history is surprisingly long and fascinating for such a small nation. Artifacts up to 200 000years old rock . .
Country: Swaziland
City: Activities And Adventures
Duration: 4 Day(s) - 3 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

Day 1: Lunch and Dinner -Own Cost!

Pick up at the Airport and transfer to the Hotel.

Swaziland’s history is surprisingly long and fascinating for such a small nation. Artifacts up to 200 000years old rock paintings from approximately 25,000 BC have been found in the country. Swaziland’s first documented inhabitants, Khoisan hunter-gatherers, were eventually displaced by Bantu tribes who migrated from eastern Africa’s Great Lakes area during the 15th and 16th Centuries.

In more contemporary times, when the then-ruling monarch, King Mswati 11 died in 1982, the Great Council of State selected a young 14-year-old prince to be the next king.

He continued his education in England attending Sherbourne School before he was called back to the throne and crowned on 25 April 1986 aged 18 and 6 days! The king and his mother, whose title is Ndlovukati (“Great She-Elephant”), rule jointly.

Overnight: The Royal Villas.

In Ezulwini, Eswatini is a luxury hotel that offers award-winning accommodations and fine cuisine throughout the year. The hotel is located in a beautiful and secure estate with stunning views of the Royal Mdzimba Mountains, just 10 minutes from the capital of Eswatini, Mbabane. The hotel lies between the Mdzimba Mountains in the Ezulwini Valley, Swaziland. The hotel offers 57 luxury guest rooms with a choice of lounges and outdoor venues to relax and soak up the best of Africa.

Day 2: Breakfast -Included!

Depart after breakfast for a White Water Rafting experience. It takes about an hour's drive to, the same distance back, and an estimated 2 hours 30 minutes on the river rafting ( approximately 7km stretch of the river), return to the Hotel for lunch, and do a horseback Safari (2x Options are at very bottom of the itinerary).

Overnight: At Lodge.

Day 3: Breakfast-Included!

After breakfast, we visit Umphakatsi Cultural village – this is the local chief’s village where we explore authentic Swazi Culture with great photo opportunities

We then proceed to the Ezulwini Valley and the capital city, Mbabane.

Enjoy a wildlife safari on horseback amongst the animals or can go hiking?

We then depart for the cultural village in Mantenga followed by a trip into the Ezulwini Valley to view Swazi Art &Craft.

Day 4: Breakfast -Included.

Depart after breakfast for the airport.


Please contact us for the price per person

Valid Passport Essential!


2x Transfer Airport Transfers

2x Bottled water per day

All Accommodation-3 Nights – 4-5 Stars

Breakfast-only Tips to Guide

Driver Guide.


Personal Insurance/ Expenses

All Soft and Alcoholic Drinks

All Activities

Activities -Optional Extra-Own Cost!

White Water Rafting -WWR

The cost includes transport, lunch, water, and soft drinks.

Departure time is 08h30 from our Office, located at Mantenga, Ezulwini. We provide transport to and from the river. It takes about an hour's drive to, the same distance back, and an estimated 2 hours 30 minutes on the river rafting ( approximately 7km stretch of the river). Then you have lunch and return. Some of the most popular rapids - (Monica Lewinsky Station Rapid the Initiated Rapid)! After the riverbank lunch, just above the Holomi Waterfall, the trip returns to Ezulwini.

Adventure Caving Options. Gobholo Caves

Option 1: Adventure Caving (Guide only, self-drive to Caving base- about 20 minutes drive from our office). Departs at 08h30 - 13h30. Cost includes a Guide, an energy bar, and bottled water.

Option 2: Adventure Caving, with transfer: Departs at 08h30 - 13h30. Cost includes transport to and from the base of the cave, bottled water, and an energy bar.

Option 3: Adventure Caving with Pizza and Hot Spring - Evening Trip: Departs at 16h30 - 22h00. It includes transport, water, an energy bar, a pizza dinner, and entry to the hot springs.

Option 4: Sibebe Hike

We hike at Sibebe Rock. Sibebe is a giant granite rock that rises 300m vertically from the Mbuluzi River Valley below it and is unique in the scale of its smooth curved sides. There are various routes; our guide chooses or follows a route that would be suitable for the client's fitness.

Sibebe Extreme Hike with transfer: Departs at 06h00 - 10h00 or 09h00 - 13h00. It includes a Guide & vehicle for transfer, water, and an energy bar.

Sibebe Extreme Hike - Self Transfer: If you will have a vehicle you may opt for this option. The cost includes bottled water and an energy bar. Note: You pick up the Guide from our office for a drive to Sibebe ( 40 minutes to the starting point where we leave the vehicle to hike).

Option 5: Game drive to view Big 5 (Sunrise or Sunset or Midday).

Option 6: Game Walk

Option 8:Hourly Rides

Getting amongst the wildlife on horseback, or simply breathing in the scenery and fresh air is a true romantic African Safari. Our rides adopt a pace suitable to the group, with complete beginners and experienced riders catered for. The aim is to view the wildlife on the plains of Mlilwane from proximity, but our guides - at their sole discretion - will happily pick up the pace if they feel the group is able. The hourly horse rides are perfect for riders with limited experience or time constraints.

OPTION A-Rock of Execution Trail

Too many people visit Mlilwane without climbing Nyonyane Mountain. Our Rock of Execution Challenge is a wonderful 3-4 hour trail summiting Nyonyane Mountain, complete with impressive views of the Ezulwini & Mantenga Valleys below.

The trail crosses the Central Plains, following game paths and cut trails to the saddle below the summit, where the horses are released in a small paddock. Riders then hike the last stretch to the summit for the ultimate 360-degree views. It is here where Nyonyane Mountain earned its infamous name 'Rock of Execution', being the site from which unfortunate criminals were nudged at spear-point from the peak to the rocks below. “Nyonyane” means “little bird”… the rest perhaps requires no explanation!

Being a small mountain adjacent to fertile plains, Nyonyane Mountain has an intriguing history of several tribes and cultural significance, the stories of which are shared during lunch.

OPTION B-Poachers Breakfast / Poachers Picnic

A fabulous +~3 hr activity for small groups (4 - 12 guests). The ride departs from Rest Camp, follows trails suitable to the group, and arrives at the historical Poacher's Viewpoint about an hour later, to find a superb, beautifully presented meal laid out. The horses are hitched while guests enjoy breakfast between Nyonyane Mountain and the plains below.

After a tasty meal, riders hop on and saunter down the mountain back to Rest Camp. Beginners and experienced riders are welcome.

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