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Ngwenya Glass Tours

Mbabane, Swaziland

Ngwenya Glass is regarded as Africa’s most prestigious glass factory. Ngwenya pieces can be found in art galleries and airport shops around the world, and while in Swaziland you could score some of their signature works at wholesale prices. The factory uses age-old glass blowing techniques that have been passed onto local Swazi craftsmen since the opening in August 1987. Pieces range from decorative animals bowls, to everyday items such as wine glasses and wine stoppers, to unique chess sets and corporate gifts.

Visitors can also watch the glass blowing process safely from a viewing platform above the workshop. International shipping is available.

We are delighted to announce that Ngwenya Glass has been named a Joint Winner of the Best for Local Sourcing Craft and Food Award! This prestigious award recognizes our unwavering commitment to using locally sourced materials and supporting the local community in our production of high-quality glass products.

We are truly honoured to receive this award, and we are grateful to our customers and suppliers for their continued support. We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional glass products that are made with sustainability and ethics at the forefront of our minds. We hope you will join us in celebrating this award and our commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

This continuous feed oven/kiln is 12 meters long. At one end where the finished item are stowed the temperature is at 580 degrees centigrade. With varying temperatures throughout the conveyor, from 580 down to room temperature, the glass takes around 6 hours to get to the other end.

The Ngwenya Glass Complex, located near the Ngwenya border post, comprises of the famous Ngwenya Glass factory and selection of other artisan outlets.

The glass blowing factory is where the magic happens. Skilled glass blowers create a variety of glass products from tableware to animal figures all using 100% recycled glass, primarily soft drinks bottles form around Eswatini. You can visit the factory and discover up close how its made with their factory tour in which guests can walk the perimeter of the factory up high looking down at the workforce creating products below.

As well has their very own shop in which you can browse the glass products and purchase souvenirs, the complex also houses some of Eswatini’s most well known art and craft producers too including Baobab Batik, Gone Rural, Quazi Design, Tintsaba, Tsandza Weaving, Eswatini Kitchen and Black Mamba Chilli.

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