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Mbabane, Swaziland

Mbabane (pronounced Um-ba-ba-neh) is Swaziland’s capital city and has a magnificent setting, ringed by the craggy backdrop of the Dlangeni Hills. With an average height of 1243m, it sits firmly in the highveld, its temperate climate offering some relief during the hot season.

Today this area forms the heart of town, and houses banks, shops, internet cafés, tourist information and most modern visitor amenities. Hotels and guesthouses are located mostly in the surrounding residential suburbs and hills, while an abundance of places to eat ranges from restaurants serving international cuisine to coffee shops and fast-food joints.

The city of Mbabane gets its name from a local king, Mbabane Kunene, who lived in the region when the British colonizers first arrived there. It is the capital of Swaziland, and the country’s largest city. It is located on the Mbabane River and its tributary the Polinjane River in the Mdzimba Mountains. It is located in the Hhohho Region, of which it is also the capital. The average elevation of the city is 1243 meters. . This tour will give you the best understanding of the Swazi history from early 1800 till to date. You will also visit the following - Mbabane market- have lunch or breakfast - Visit the interesting Mbabane Bus Station - Visiting the Water Loo Lamp which was given by the british who were sent to each colony to Spread the light of British Imperialism - Visit the old play ground for the colonial days commonly called the Prince of wales. -Visit of the Broadcasting services - Visit of the Msunduza township the nearest townshipThe Nature Reserve in Malolotja is well known for their excellent range of self-guided hiking trails, offering the opportunity to visitors to experience nature at a pace suited to their group. What better way to explore Eswatini’s many and varied highlands, forests, and reserves than on foot. There are paths and trails in many locations across the country allowing for hikes from a couple of hours to many days in duration, and give access to places and views that are inaccessible by vehicle. You will be spoilt with stunning trails, rare flowers, abundant bird- and wildlife, as well as the vibrant Swazi culture. woza Nawe Tours hiking trails are customized with the intrepid and adventurous guest in mind. Guests can expect to experience exceptional scenery, the unique and vibrant Swazi Culture, and wildlife extravaganza. We will offer you the opportunity to hike the most scenic park, here you will see most of the flora and fauna this lots of small game that will make it much more feel like the African savanna.

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