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Lidwala Lodge

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Lidwala Lodge is conveniently located on the main Ezulwini road, less than 2km from many of the area\'s main facilities attractions (craft markets, . .
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Lidwala Lodge is conveniently located on the main Ezulwini road, less than 2km from many of the area's main facilities & attractions (craft markets, the Gables shopping center, hotels, and restaurants), and is within 5km of the social projects.

You will be accommodated in a dorm room with bunk beds with communal bathroom facilities. Bed, mattress, sheet, and pillows will be provided, but note if you plan to go on tours on homestays during your time in Swaziland then a sleeping bag may be required.

The lodge has a large deck area, outdoor pool, TV lounge, WIFI, and a communal kitchen to prepare meals. The lodge is surrounded by a spacious garden with plenty of trees and boulders (hence its name), a communal barbecue (braai), and a campfire area. Often you can see monkeys roaming around the garden and the many plants attract a wide range of birds.

Breakfast is self-service from a selection of items including cereals, bread, fruit, yogurt, eggs, and spreads. Lunch too is self-service with items such as bread, ham, cheese, salad, and fruits. Dinner is a cooked meal that clients assist with cooking on a rotational basis.

Lidwala Lodge is located in the Ezulwini Valley (known as the Valley of Heaven) in central Swaziland. This is the cultural heart of Swaziland and is where most of the tourist activities are based, and is also where the Royal Palace, houses of parliament, national sports stadium, and national museum are located within a scenic semi-rural setting. The capital town Mbabane is a 15-minute drive away.

Lidwala Lodge, nestled on the slopes of the majestic Sheba’s Breast Mountain in the heart of the Ezulwini Valley, offers comfortable accommodation with a warm heart. Whether you’re a traveler, a family, a student, a volunteer, or a business guest, Lidwala caters to your needs.

Here are some key features of Lidwala Lodge:

Accommodation Options:

Double Rooms: For a cozy stay.

Dorms: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers.

Self-Catering Private Chalets: Enjoy privacy and convenience.

Camping Sites: Embrace the outdoors.

Camper Van Sites: Perfect for road trippers.

Activities & Tours:

Hiking: Explore the scenic surroundings.

Bird-watching: Discover local avian wonders.

Horse Riding: Feel the thrill of riding.

Golf: Tee off amidst natural beauty.

Bespoke Tours: White water rafting, wildlife adventures, and more.


Lidwala Lodge is situated at the idyllic Roki Centre in the Ezulwini Valley, just off the main MR103 road.

Enjoy a spectacular view across the valley from this serene spot.

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